10 – Digital Nomad Village in Madeira/Portugal

10 - Digital Nomad Village in Madeira/Portugal

Which impact do remote working people have actually?

People who can work location independently, among them digital nomads, are no longer a nichy niche of a few crazy people out there. Officials and governments start to take this movement seriously. Good for them as there are amazing potentials out there.

Gonçalo Hall from Portugal is seeing those potentials, too, and came up with a project no smaller than a digital nomad village. Yes, read again if you can’t quite believe it.

The very first time of this project took part on the island Madeira of Portugal.

Listen to a story of an unprecedented enterprise.


In this episode you will learn about…

  1. Which challenges and details Gonçalo and his team had to consider when merging a local environment with the digital nomads world
  2. Which were the key features that made this whole project a success
  3. Where the next nomad village is going to happen (whoop whoop!)


Really useful links and material:

  • Digital Nomad Village Madeira: www.digitalnomads.startupmadeira.eu
  • At 04:42 Gonçalo speaks about Edo Sadiković of the rural coworking and coliving project Sende which is located in Galicia, northern Spain. Link: www.sende.co
  • At 07:38 Gonçalo mentions the village Punta do Sol which is basically the main spot on Maderia where things have happened
  • At 10:22 Gonçalo mentions the village Bansko in Bulgaria where Matthias Zeitler and Uwe Allgäuer started coworking and coliving project years ago and it’s now another hotspot on the radar of digital nomads. Link: www.coworkingbansko.com