09 – Chateau Coliving Castle France

09 - Chateau Coliving Castle France

A coliving project is not necessarily a coliving project. Sure, you heard of coliving projects before. Of course you did, as you are a regular listener to this podcast…..maybe. This time, however, be prepared to think big. Because we are talking about A CASTLE. You heard it right, read on…

Okay, let’s be honest: you most probably belong to those kind of people who didn’t randomly inherit a castle, right? Katia, however, did so. She will share are story with us where not everything is flowers and pink ponies. Such a project can be blessing and curse at the same time. Well, just listen yourself to it.

It might be more than counterintuitive, especially when pursuing a location independent lifestyle, to commit yourself with maybe the biggest thing you’ve ever did in life.


In this episode you will learn about…

  1. How Katia transitioned into a nomadic lifestyle in a time when the term “digital nomad” did not even exist yet
  2. What it takes in the core to start your own coworking and coliving project
  3. Why you can’t simply transform your guesthouse into a coworking and coliving project
    (spoiler alert: you’re not covered with a somewhat faster internet connection than before)
  4. How YOU can buy your own castle tomorrow! (Okay no, that’s a lie)

Put your romanticism aside for the next 30 minutes and hear what it really means to have such a mammoth project only even starting.


Really useful links and material:

  • Chateau Coliving: www.chateaucoliving.com
  • At 04:47, Katia mentions the Nine Coliving Project in Tenerife: www.ninecoliving.com
  • At 26:26, a cat café which is a concept that first came up in Japan. It’s a café full of cats basically.
  • Music: Dan Lizard – Happy feelings