This beautiful slogan “live by design, not by default” does by far not stem from my own creativity although I wish it would. Like in 99,98% of all things or thoughts in this world there was someone before me who already had the same thought, wrote it down in even much better words than I could have ever found them, put his name under it and has been regarded as a wise man ever since.


That’s okay because we live in a time where we almost never reinvent the wheel anymore. What we do when being creative and inventing something new, which in fact for our personal experience is something new in this moment, is we take certain elements that already exist and put them together in a way it had not been put together this way before plus we give a little bit of our own shit on it. Voilà, it’s that easy.

So our world is a huge copycat in which many people believe they chase for something unique. In fact, this is not the case and one couldn’t be any more wrong believing in doing so. Same with us and Economadia, there is absolutely nothing new about it.

Location independence is something which, in the style of digital nomadism, is a phenomenon which is on the rise since years already. Eco villages, intentional communities with the idea(l) to live in an alternative way, already exist ever since mankind could afford to think about personal lifestyle and to make active changes about it.


We almost never reinvent the wheel anymore.


What might be somewhat new, to say it very humbly, might be the real chance to create yourself a lifestyle which gives you the opportunity to choose actively. Given the circumstance that you make an income location independently, hence (almost) no matter where you are you can go after your work, this kicks you out of the comfort zone. the “to-live-by-default” status.

Or let’s better say this circumstance makes you much more inclined to come up with active ideas of how, where and with whom you want to live. There is no office anymore in X location that tells you where to stay for most of the time of your life.

This is indeed a sublime status that many of us can still dream of. Well, you are here because you might or might not have the intention to achieve this status, or maybe you even have gotten there already.


How, where and with whom do you want to live?


Congrats if this is the case, so you can choose whether an urban city life where a decent lifestyle costs a lot of money, rents in all cities over the globe are on the rise and in some places already have reached exorbitant levels is the only way to live on our planet – or if there are viable and even interesting alternatives to that without giving up everything you’ve ever known and living somewhere on a forest hippie farm.


To live by design means to make sometimes decisions that might look stupid or totally incomprehensive to others because the economical conditioned brain type doesn’t see a direct value outcome. It means to get confronted with your own shortcomings and immaturities. It means to take over responsibility of your own decisions and the consequences.


But it also means that you can create your very own path of life, to be able to make proactive decisions of where to live, to create your own life psychologically and almost automatically physically healthier, with whom you would like to surround yourself and many more things. Just imagine how much different your everyday life would look like.


Yes, this requires efforts; you will need to put matters of course into question again and it involves inevitably struggles. These are exactly those things in life that you can nowhere download but real life learning by experiencing and going through it will form you. The result, however, can be so much more rewarding.


To live by design implies to take over responsibility of your own decisions


With Economadia we are working on concepts and events that bring like-minded people together that see potential in combining location independence with the ideas and principles of ecovillages.

Feel being welcomed if you think you are one of us.


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