Our concept

Location-independency gives us new freedom and flexibility to ask ourselves: How do we want to live?

Seeking community and a more sustainable lifestyle it often isn’t easy to find out how to get started. With Economadia we are building a bridge from a location-independent and often rootless lifestyle towards collaborative rural communities, coliving spaces and ecovillages, that allow reconnection with nature and yourself.

On our events we make personal exchange and connection possible. We pick different locations to make new exciting projects visible. Find out, what an ecovillage really is, how rural life can be like in the future and meet like-minded people.


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Our formats



The ECONOMADIA MEETUPS take place mostly in cities for interested location-independent creatives. They are a way to meet like-minded people and connect. If you would like to organise a Meetup to bring people from the community together in your place, just contact us with the relevant information and we’ll announce your event through our channels.



The motto of ECONOMADIA DAYS is to make possible that "friendly people meet friendly places", as we concluded on our first event in Tarifa, Spain. The places are normally located in rural, remote areas, such as rural coliving spaces, ecovillages or other community projects. Interested participants learn about another lifestyle on a guided tour, exchange and spin ideas in a World Café, get to enjoy a community lunch and have the chance to take part in a hands-on workshop in the afternoon with a tea time. If you have such a “friendly place” and would like to host a EN-Day, please get in touch so we can talk about details.



The ECONOMADIA CONFERENCE is our biggest format which we aim to implement on an annual basis. This event gives you the great opportunity to immerse fully into the world of a future-orientated, flexible and sustainable lifestyles. If you feel that you want to contribute or you are an expert in a relevant field and you'd like to pass on your knowledge feel free to get in touch with us.


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Impressions of our first Economadia event in Tarifa/Spain

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The team



Marie, Co-initiator of Economadia - Having visited and stayed in inspiring community projects during over three years I have met charismatic people who are striving on a daily basis for more sustainable ways to live - including more consciousness and reconnection with nature. My first location-independent project I started in 2015 was building up the prototype of an online platform for conscious travelers. At the moment I am living in the mountains, enjoying a beautiful location between three Natural Parks in Andalucía, Spain. I'm a facilitator, social pedagogue and passionate collaborative traveler.



Hi, Jorin here! I am co-initiator of the Economadia. At the moment I am working remotely in the area of socially responsible and sustainable tourism. I love to write, I’m interested in social entrepreneurship and I’m a hobby filmmaker. In the recent time I got more invested into the location-independent lifestyle and I am fascinated by opportunity to use this privilege to create resilient and progressive communities. My personal dream is to live in a global village in the near future with people having exciting workshop, projects and ideas; taking advantage of the modern technology while living closer to nature as I do at the moment.

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